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award winning quality photography


  • On Location Services
  • Mobile Photo Studio
  • Web Galleries
  • High Resolution Files
  • Advanced Retouching
  • 24/7 Full Support
video capture and production services


  • HD Video Services
  • On Location Services
  • Training Videos
  • Products Presentation
  • Events Coverage
  • After Hours Services
graphic design services

Graphic Design

  • Branding & Logo
  • Brochures & Catalogues
  • Banners & Posters
  • Vector Services
  • Custom Templates
  • PDF & PPS Presentations
website design services

Website Design

  • Mobile Enabled Custom Design
  • Web Store and Payments
  • Domain Registration
  • Basic SEO
  • Hosting and Support
  • Many add-ons available

Photography and Printing
On Location

You live the moment, we give it an added sparkle and capture it for the eternity. Long after the curtains fall, you revisit the memories and breathe in the nostalgia of events. We'll have the photographs ready for them.

Request your FREE website design consultation

Fear not, your are not booking a sales pitch. Our free consultation session is designed to introduce you to our website design methodology. It will allow us to discuss your website presence needs, show you what you can expect, and explain what is the key role you play in determining your web presence strategy.

From Our Blog

e-Commerce product photography
  • e-Commerce product photography

Better images, better sales

A successful e-commerce business will always depend on how well a customer can visualise a product. To this end high quality product photography becomes a critical ... (read more)

e-Commerce product photography
  • e-Commerce product photography

Marketing investment

The ever-increasing trend is for consumers and potential commercial clients to research and/or purchase online. In fact, the pandemic saw e-commerce grow everywhere... (read more)

e-Commerce product photography
  • e-Commerce product photography

Better sales

We understand that the quality of your product image is the deciding factor in the consumer’s mind on whether they purchase your product or move on to another seller... (read more)

eye-catching infographics
  • e-Commerce photography

Eye-catching infographics

We turn your ideas into comprehensive infographic templates custom designed for Amazon listings or any other web store. Our complete solutions offer ... (read more)

eye-catching infographics
  • Product photography

Crisp, Clean, Effective!

If your looking to create great looking product images, then you’ve come to the right place! It’s no big secret that great product images increase sales, promotes ... (read more)

eye-catching infographics
  • e-Commerce photography

White backgrounds

Contrar to common believe, good photos of products on white background are not that easy to create and challenges are many. Smartphotos provides ... (read more)

industrial on-site photography
  • e-Commerce photography

Amazon solutions

Complete photography and video solutions for your Amazon listings. Product photos for your MAIN IMAGE on white background, infographics, optimized ... (read more)

industrial on-site photography
  • e-Commerce photography

Selling on Amazon?

If you're selling products online and wish to drive sales further, then you'll understand the importance of having your products pictures stand out from the crowd ... (read more)

industrial on-site photography
  • e-Commerce photography

e-Commerce photography

Every product has a story to tell about its origin, its quality, and its craftsmanship. Our photos will help you tell that story. No matter how big or small your products ... (read more)

industrial on-site photography
  • Industrial photography

On-site photography

The challenge of industrial photography is to tell the story or demonstrate the scale of operations. The images are often for an investor audience ... (read more)

commercial event furniture photography
  • Commercial Photography

Roche Bobois

We were invited to photograph the re-opening of the larger and newly renovated Roche Bobois Show Room in Vancouver, a unique store that offers custom ... (read more)

interiors and architecture photography
  • Interiors photography

Photography for realtors

Smartphotos offers specialized services for realtors and interior designers throughout Vancouver and Lower Mainland, from the city of Hope all the way up to ... (read more)

events photography
  • Events photography

Basalite Event Photography

One of the most exciting events we photographed in 2017 was the opening of Basalite's most advanced facility for fabrication of concrete masonry, segmental ... (read more)

current photography projects
  • e-Commerce photography

E-Commerce Photography

More and more of our customers sell their products on Amazon or eBay so we tailored a product photography service that gives the the perfect e-Commerce image ... (read more)

event photography projects
  • Event photography

Run For The Cure

2017 was the 3rd consecutive year we volunteered our services to CIBC - Run for the Cure. The event was held in Vancouver during the first weekend of October ... (read more)

interiors photography projects
  • interiors photography

Interiors Photography

We wanted to share some of the latest creations in the area of interior photography. One key enabler for us to be able to produce such quality photographs is our ... (read more)

current photography projects
  • digital photography

Website Photography

In 2013 we designed and built a custom website for La Villetta Ristorante, an Italian restaurant in North Burnaby. Over time the website did a ... (read more)

current photography projects
  • product photography

Product Photography

Most of the product photography requests we received lately are to produce photography for online presence and electonic commerce. Amazon and eBay ... (read more)

current photography projects
  • food photography

Me and Ed's

We visited them one February morning, before the lunch rush, to make some pizza and take many wonderful images along the way. The owners were ... (read more)

current photography projects
  • industrial photography

Cummins Western Canada

We recently completed one of our more complex contracts of 2014. Our customer, the HR and Marketing departments of Cummins Western Canada, required a ... (read more)

current photography projects
  • corporate photography

Oriana Charters

Smartphotos was thrilled to be engaged via Velocity PR to photograph one of the finest Burger superyachts ever built. "Oriana" was originally built for ...(read more)

current photography projects
  • professional photography

2016 winter collection

Cartwright Jewelers - Vancouver. We had the priviledge to photograph the 2016 Winter collection for Cartwright Jewelers. For enhanced security ... (read more)

current photography projects
  • industrial portfolios

Cadex Electronics

We've been hired to help Cadex Communications team to prepare their marketing material for a tradeshow in Germany. Photographs created ... (read more)

current photography projects
  • product photography

More Product Photography

In the last few months we've had quite a few product photography related jobs. Products themselves were varied in shapes and sizes and they ... (read more)

current photography projects
  • Property and Marketing Photography

Infinity Yacht Charters

We've been hired to document the condition of the yachts before and after they have been rented out for local events like Honda ... (read more)

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