Sharpen your image with our event photography offer!
Let SmartPhotos help you document the very essence of your private or corporate event and leave a long lasting impression with your event goers. With a proven track record of hundreds of events documented, we'll make it an easy way for people to collect priceless souvenir images of themselves enjoying your occasion. The service is professional, fun, fast and flexible.

How it works

1. The event
You decide where to station our experienced team of professional photographers, fully equipped with a mobile, state-of-the-art photography studio. Or you can have us roaming around and transforming candid moments into long lasting memories. With on-site printing we offer you and your guests or attendees instant gratification.

2. The memories
You live the moment, we give it an added sparkle and capture it for the eternity. Long after the curtains fall, almost everyone likes to revisit the memories and breathe in the nostalgia of events and gatherings they have shared with friends, family, coworkers and even complete strangers. We'll have the photographs ready for them.

3. Your benefits
You retain the copyright for all images. We provide you with a DVD with print and web ready files so that you can use them to reproduce as required without restriction or additional costs. Photos can also be presented on our web site for on line viewing and ordering.

Service highlights

One or more photographers to document your event
Billing is by the hour, no overtime is ever charged, no hidden charges
Photos are colour corrected with editing included
High resolution copies are supplied to you

Optional add-on services

Online private or public gallery
Support your fundraising by selling your photos on-line.
On-site printing for immediate delivery of photos.
Advanced photo editing and retouching for perfect results
One or more videographers capture the dynamics of your event
Advanced editing of your event's video
Banners, posters, albums, calendar, magnets, buttons, etc.


No hidden costs - clear and unambiguous pricing to suit events of all sizes
Rapid service - we can often have your images available on line during the event. All images in high resolution can be delivered next day
On location printing services. We can print photos up to 5"x7" in less than 15 seconds up to 700 pictures continuously. We can brand the pictures taken in real time, with custom messages or organizer's logo
You have the option to post pictures taken on location to a private or public web gallery, or social media. Everything during the event!

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