Smartphotos provides Industrial Photography Services for companies and their creative agencies and covers promotional, industrial, advertising and catalogue work for web and print use. We aim to produce images that are both informative and eye-catching, for product brochures, display stands and web use and are happy to produce work to fit a pre-existing manual or training guide.

Our studio in your factory

Our industrial photography can help explain how your machines work. Photographs can be lit and processed suitably to enhance different areas and features of equipment. All our image processing and re-touching experience is available to our clients and photographs come with all our expertise in colour management and high quality reproduction.

Photography in the work environment

For busy or hazardous environments, we can photograph plant and machinery without additional lighting or disrupting your ongoing work. Our industrial and manufacturing photographic service covers all aspects of your organisation - from documenting manufacturing processes, through to your products and people.

Based in Vancouver we provide industrial photography anywhere British Columbia. We accept projects all over Canada.

Your benefits:

Industry experience - we ave over 20 years experience doing industrial photography. That means you work with photographers who understands what your machinery actually does, and how your manufacturing processes run. If you say you want a picture of a particular component, then at least we probably know which way up it goes... Creativity comes from understanding - that and a real enthusiasm for producing images that get your message across
Minimal interruption - photos taken during normal working or 'out of hours'. We're happy to work in the middle of a busy factory and know how to keep out of the way. Although we can set up special lighting systems, it's often not needed and true photographic skill is what counts
Industrial product photography - we can set up special studio in your factory, to take photographs of your items when they are available
Image retouching - advanced photoshop image processing is available if needed
On demand service - photography timed to suit completion of large or unique products
Extremely detailed images - Whether for web or trade show stands. Specialised macro photography services available
No hidden costs - all our prices are clear and up front
Easy to use images - supplied in the exact format you want to meet your needs, for web or print
Large fine art quality prints - optionally available for offices, meeting rooms and foyers
Responsive Service - We can sometimes fit in work at only a few days notice, especially in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley (from West Vancouver up to the City of Hope)
Flexible hours - If your factory or location is only available at specific times then we are available for out of hours work, such as night time or early mornings (from 22,00 to 06,00)
DIverse experience - Smartphotos is serving a large spectrum of manufacturing companies from heavy metal fabrication, heavy machining, and turnkey assembly, to light precision fabrication and precision sheet metal fabrication, for a variety of industries including: mining; pulp, paper & forestry; power & hydro generation; aerospace; marine; oil, gas & petrochemical

Subjects From Microscopic Details to Large Explorations