In today's modern world more and more customers are searching the web for information, rather than more traditional sources, making your online presence is essential to your success. Smartphotos knows that the user is the one in control once on your site, so it is critical that it communicates effectively, be easy to use, maximize your customer's experience and match and enhance all your existing forms of visual communication. Rather than a cookie cutter approach, Smartphotos starts with researching your industry, company and customers/users to provide a smart solution unique to your needs.

If you have an existing website and you're not sure it serves its purpose very well anymore, Smartphotos will help you find out who's watching your space and fill it with what they want to see. A refresh is to a website what water and sunlight are to a flower. What are you getting now from your website? What works? What doesn't work? Take the leap.

Our signature interview process

Building a website for your business is not a trivial job. As a business owner you are an expert at your business and you want your internet presence to reflect it. Your internet presence, be it a simple website, a complex webstore, or anything in between, must fit your needs but it also needs to stand up when compared to your competitors and help attract and retain high-value customers. That is what we can help you with.

Our interview technique helps you discover what makes a good web presence, how best to expose your message to the world, how to understand your on-line competition and how to leverage the most cost-effective marketing tool. Your business is large, your time is precious, and the on-line opportunities are great. At Smartphotos we are passionate about transforming your story into a highly engaging internet presence ready to take your business to the next level. We will help you build a rollout plan that fits your needs and accommodates the schedule of your main business.

What exactly do you get if use our standard service?

Our signature interview process
Clean, fresh, responsive design that best represents your brand
Standard graphic design to make your website attractive and user-friendly
Basic photography to personalize your website
Basic Search Engine Optimization to raise the profile of your website
Domain name and website hosting
Custom email address to match your website
Iterative reviews of the work to ensure complete satisfaction

Looking for upgrades?

Complete digital identity - your complete branding solution
Integration with digital marketing tools and marketing campaigns
State of the art e-commerce web store integrated with your website
On-line payments
Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Responsive Design and Mobile Devices

Responsive design is critical to business on-ine success. If you're building a new website with Smartphotos, you will get a solution that can be used on desktop computers, tablets, smart phones, smart TV's, and on many other smart devices. If you have an older website, allow us to demonstrate to you the value of the reponsive design:

Mobile internet usage is exploding. As of 2014 the number of global users on mobile devices exceeded those on desktops
In 2015, the average time spent by users on mobile devices exceeded the time spent on desktops and TV combined
Positive user experience is a must. Google Think Insights reports a 61% chance that a user leaves your website if they are frustrated with the mobile experience and/or don't see what they are looking for. At the same time if a user has a positive experience with your mobile website, a user is 67% more likely to buy your products and/or services
Responsive design is key for SEO. In 2012 Google announced its preference for responsive web design and starting in 2015 the search algorithm started to favour web pages that display well on mobile devices
Social media increases mobile visitors. Over 60% of social media consumption now happens on mobile devices, so linking to your website from Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube or other social media sites means even more traffic-viewing of your website from mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization

At Smartphotos we build clean and user-friendly websites that do well on search engines. Basic Search Engine Optimization is always provided. If you desire to stand out in front of your competition, our Advanced SEO Package will bring you the next level of sophistiation targetted to bring your website on the front page

Website Maintenance and Hosting Solutions

We take pride in our work and we want to show it. Even after the initial development completes, we will continue to care for your website by providing hosting and regular maintenance. We host your website in a modern data center, geo-redundant and highly available. Simply put, your website will always be up and running and performing well but if you care for technical details ask us and we'll start talking all tecky.

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